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[Call Her Black Mariah]

Name:Valarie Brook
Age/DOB: 14 May, 12 1989
Grade/major (if in school): 8th
Location: California
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Girl
How did you find out about us?: I created this
Where did you promote us?: I CREATED IT..I just felt oblicated to do and application like everyone else has too

Hobbies/skills: Piano, Horseback riding, Listening to music, Dance Dance Revolutions, etc.
Things to bitch about:
2 Actors that you like: Jim Carrey, Daniel Radcliff
2 Actors that make your heart beat fast: Ewan Mcgregor, Tom Felton
2 Actresses that should die: Julia Roberts, she is like fourty and runs around like she's 19, Angelina Jolie, she wore a vile of her girlfriends blood around her neck, freak
4 Movies you luv: Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, Finding Nemo, Zoolander
TV Shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Real World, TRL
3 Bands: Maroon 5, Dashboard Confessional, Nickleback
3 Books: Green Angel, Chasing Redbird, Walk Two Moons
3 items you would take on a deserted island:A portable house, A cellphone, Adam Levine
3 clothing brands/stores: Hot Topic, Old Navy, Limited Too

Who would you take a bullet for?: Adam Levine so generations after me could bathe in his beauty. Yes I am serious.
Who would you rather die then marry?: Marilyn Manson, no one is aware of how much I fear him...
What makes you a bizatch?: I don't take bull from anyone and have tendency's to invest fear into my little sister.
What is your worst trait: I freak out. I think something's missing and start screaming. Really sad stuff.
Who do you hate more then life itself?: People who support Kerry. He has more botox then brains.
What do you look for in a guy (PLEASE don't say a six incher..): Honestly? Hot, sorry if that seems shallow but be honest people you don't just walk up to beavers and start talking, funny, sweet, thoughtful, badass,
Meanist thing you have ever done: Too many. One time I told this girl that her best friend hated her. They aren't friends to this day.
What would you buy if you had a million dollars?: A jumbo stable where I could get away from the world. Or maybe tickets to Maroon 5 concerts.
What if you saw an injured cat on the side of the road?: Pray it's fleas don't get on me.

What do you think about...
Abortions: In the words of the movie mean girls "Don't have sex, don't have sex standing up, don't have sex on the table, just, don't have sex, free condoms for everybody" I think abortions should only be an option if you got raped.
Gay Marriage: God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
The Bush/Kerry Debate: BUSH ALL THE WAY! Kerry just want's to squish everyone under his corporate thumb. At least Bush is HELPING Iraq, lord knows how much help they need. If Kerry get's voted in Project Iraqi Freedom goes down the drainpipe.
Liquid Soap: It is your friend. This way you don't have to touch the same bar of soap someone else did.

Show your inner evil, diss each one of the below~
Michael Jackson: On the bright side Micheal, you nose can always double as an eraser. This sick child molseting freak should burn in hades.
You arch rival: If her skirt get's any shorter she'll be running around in her thong. This behavior only leads to getting banged by fat nintendo addicts, OH WAIT SHE IS ALREADY DOING THAT!
5 celebs/world leaders of your choosing--
1. Mary-Kate Olsen- Any more masscara and you'll be a freaking raccon. Bet the anorexia thing was just a pity act..PULEEZE! By the way try layin' off the bottle, everyone knows *Wink wink*

2.Janet Jackson- Why pay millions of dollars for MUSIC VIDEOS NO ONE WATCHES? You were washed up in the 80's, you are washed up now. Why not hang in jail with your brother. Maybe start an in-mate knitting group.

3.Clay Aiken- I hope you know you bare a straking resemblance to the keebler elf. You lost to Reuben, you can't sing, go join Janet in the knitting circle.

4. Martha Stewart- You are a PHYSCO. A compulsive obsesive physco nutcase who deserves to be in jail. Have fun decorating your cell. Frreak.

5.Madonna- A word of Wisdom-Keep your tongue out of Britney's mouth. And try remembering YOU HAVE KIDS. TAKE THEM TO TOY'S R US AND BY THEM HELEN KELER BARBIE, SHE WALKS INTO WALLS WHEN YOU WIND HER UP! Really...

A parent: Dad- I AM GOING TO ROT ONLINE ALWAYS AND FOREVER SO STOP TRYING TO PEEL ME OFF! I am not looking at amature porn you old bat. Sheesh.

A teacher or elder: Ms.Berman- Have fun trying to fit through doors.
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