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[Call Her Black Mariah]

Name: Ashley Elkins
Age/DOB: 13
Grade/major (if in school): 8th
Location: vermont
Marital Status: Single, but really close to having a boyfriend
Occupation: School.
How did you find out about us?: my hommie valarie! lol.
Where did you promote us?: wut does promote mean??? lol.

Hobbies/skills: i love boys, i like hangin gout with friends, chat online, online graphix, AIM, and shayne. hehe
Thing to bitch about:
2 Actors that you like: Hilary Duff, and jojo! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! they need to die and i shall sloter them!
2 Actors that make your heart beat fast: shayne west, orlando bloom, i guess...
2 Actresses that should die: hilary duff, amanda bines.
4 Movies you luv: Texas chainsaw massacre, Halloweeen reserection.
TV Shows: Invater zim, road rules (i like to make fun of them)
3 Bands: Yellow Card, Green day, Static X
3 Books: Blue is for nightmares, white is for dreams, sweet blood.
3 items you would take on a deserted island: knifes, pictures to burn, and shayne =D
3 clothing brands/stores:

Who would you take a bullet for?: shayne
Who would you rather die then marry?: shayne
What makes you a bizatch?: me
What is your worst trait: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Who do you hate more then life itself?: preps + snobs
What do you look for in a guy (PLEASE don't say a six incher..): hottness, and good personality
Meanist thing you have ever done: make fun of retarded people
What would you buy if you had a million dollars?: a new house and clothes
What if you saw an injured cat on the side of the road?: id help it, or laugh

What do you think about...
Drugs: ahhh no
Abortions: well if u need one then u should
Gay Marriage: i dont care! they can marry who they want!
The Bush/Kerry Debate: ahh i hate bush

Show your inner evil, diss each one of the below~
Michael Jackson: u should have stoped with the nose while u were ahead....
You arch rival: kill the preps!!!!!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!
5 celebs/world leaders of your choosing--
A parent: ahhh no
A teacher or elder: ahhh no

Post 1-3 Pictures of Yourself:

its a bad pic i no............... dont make fun. and trust me! i look way WAY differnet now. i use to be a prep there. i'll get a new pic of me soon.
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