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Do you got what it takes to be a BIZATCH?

I doubt it...

Are you a bizatch?
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Think you got what it takes?


*First and foremost, before you decide you want to be tested, be prepared for harsh reality. We aren't going to give you rainbows and butterflies, cause compromise if the only thing that really moves us along. We don't take bull either, so if you are regected don't go into a mad fit of swearing, that only results in being BANNED

*Be sure to promote us in another community and tell us which one(s).

*YOU APPLICATION MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ CUT! If you don't know how to do that ::rolls eyes:: here:
<*lj-cut text="Application"> ::: insert application here ::: <*/lj-cut> and then post your application where it says to insert it. That simple.

* If you are rejected then please do not come back an hour later begging or worse, re-doing you application. If your high your high if your low your low but if you come back begging then, you're just a ho!

* You application must Include the following

The Basics~
Grade/major (if in school):
Marital Status:
How did you find out about us?:
Where did you promote us?:

Thing to bitch about:
2 Actors that you like:
2 Actors that make your heart beat fast:
2 Actresses that should die:
4 Movies you luv:
TV Shows:
3 Bands:
3 Books:
3 items you would take on a deserted island:
3 clothing brands/stores:

Who would you take a bullet for?:
Who would you rather die then marry?:
What makes you a bizatch?:
What is your worst trait:
Who do you hate more then life itself?:
What do you look for in a guy (PLEASE don't say a six incher..):
Meanist thing you have ever done:
What would you buy if you had a million dollars?:
What if you saw an injured cat on the side of the road?:

What do you think about...
Gay Marriage:
The Bush/Kerry Debate:
Liquid Soap:

Show your inner evil, diss each one of the below~
Michael Jackson:
You arch rival:
5 celebs/world leaders of your choosing--
A parent:
A teacher or elder:

Post 1-3 Pictures of Yourself:
-- If you don't know how to do this, here is the HTML:
<*img src=http://www.yourpicaddress.com/yourpic.jpg> (Remove the star)
-- If you don't have pics online, get an account at Photobucket and upload them. It's free.
-- If you don't have a pic because you are scared of perv internet stalkers or your dumb parents, FINE but you are a little less likely to get accepted...

If you are accepted:
Wow you are really evile. You rule man. It is your job to rate the applicators who come after you, should you fail to uphold your duty three times in a row, you will be *ffhh fhh fhh* CLIPPED! That means REJECTED!